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May 14, 2021

From Streets to Sofas

Way back in 2019, in what seems like a completely different world, we met Chloe. Her finder and local community cat caretaker, Denise Thomas, had…

Apr 13, 2021

Gordy’s Great Adventure

On the city’s first warm March day, PAWS Chicago received a call from Chicago Animal Care and Control asking for our help to rescue Gordy, a…

Jan 26, 2021

Max’s New Tri-Pawd life

We don't know how Max's injury happened. It could have been a fight, a fall, or even a car. For the past few months, Max had lived the normal life of…

Jan 11, 2021

Three Brave Cats Come to PAWS

Hurley, Hutchinson, and Hummus have always had each other, even when they had no one else. We don’t know their full pasts but what we do know makes us…

Jan 11, 2021

Two Pups in an (Isolated) Pod

When Yale first came to PAWS, her face was swollen and unrecognizable with a severe case of puppy strangles. Two weeks later, her sister, Noemi,…

Dec 07, 2020

A Strong Future for Muscles

Since 2014, nine-year-old Muscles has been part of a cat colony. He’s lived outside with his feral friends while a cat colony caretaker has made sure…

May 31, 2017

Saving Bella

Adopting with Allergies

Aug 23, 2016

PAWS rescues pets from Louisiana

A PAWS team is travelling to Louisiana to rescue homeless animals impacted by recent floods.

Jul 06, 2016

Project Greece

PAWS Chicago’s No Kill Model Goes Transatlantic

One of the rescued Chihuahuas
Feb 25, 2016

PAWS Rescues 16 Chihuahuas

All of the rescued dogs will need foster care while they recover.