The Four Pillars | PAWS Chicago

The Four Pillars

Building upon our foundation to get us closer to a No Kill community.

While community engagement is the foundation for creating lasting change for animals, PAWS Chicago’s four pillars are the mission-critical programs—the actual steps we need to take—to become a No Kill community:

1. Prevention

Getting to the root of overpopulation

We realized early on that curtailing pet overpopulation was key to building a No Kill Chicago. Read more

2. Adoption

Finding loving families for homeless pet

Rescuing pets and uniting them with new families is essential to building a No Kill community. Read more

3. Animal Health & Behavior

Saving all treatable animals

Our No Kill commitment means that we give every pet individualized treatment. Read more

4. Volunteers

The life force behind PAWS

Our dedicated team plays an invaluable role in every aspect of our lifesaving efforts. Read more