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Caring for Dogs

All information you need to give your precious pup the best care

How to care for your new dog

Adopting a dog is a lifelong commitment to that pet. It’s also the start of an amazing bond that you and your family will share with your new dog. 

Within this section, you will find information that will help you better understand dogs and their needs. Whether you’re thinking about adopting or are beginning your new life with your adopted dog, you can do so knowing that PAWS Chicago is here to support you along the way. 

Use this guide as a resource for questions about how to care for your new dog. When you need more information or have concerns, contact our team for assistance.

Doggy Basics

Thinking about adopting a dog? This info will help you understand more about what dogs need, how they perceive the world and how they evolve through the stages of life.

The Special Bond Between Dogs and Humans

Proto-dogs found an evolutionary imperative for becoming full-fledged dogs. Read more

How Dogs Age

Dogs age 7 years for every year that a human does. Read more

Canine Senses

Understanding how your dog makes sense of the world around him. Read more

A Dog's Basic Needs

Security, comfort and a lot of love will be some of the your dog’s most basic needs. Read more

A guide for bringing home a new dog

All you need to know about welcoming your new family member home.

Understanding Dog Behavior

Learning to speak the same language as your dog—or at least understanding why your dog is acting the way he is acting—is essential in forming a strong bond with your dog. Rewarding appropriate dog behavior, as opposed to punishing negative behaviors, is one of the most powerful tools you can use to shape or change your dog’s actions. It also makes that behavior more likely to occur in the future. 

This type of training is called positive reinforcement. It’s a humane method of teaching your dog to perform behaviors using a reward such as treats, attention and verbal praise. It also creates stronger bonds between you and your dog.

Preparing Your Dog for a Change in the Family

Making life transitions smooth for your dog. Dogs are sensitive to their environment. Major changes such as switching owners and households can be dramatic and very stressful.

Medical Care for Your Dog

All dogs adopted from PAWS Chicago are up-to-date on vaccinations. We do, however, recommend you schedule an annual exam to have your dog’s heart, weight, skin and teeth checked, and have a fecal sample taken.

Medical Emergencies

Time is of the essence when your dog is sick or injured. Read more

Medical Procedures

Read more

Medical Conditions and Diseases

Being aware of symptoms will help you treat your dog faster. Read more