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Kitty Basics

Learn all about cats to see if you’re ready to add a feline to your family.


Curious about cats? Join the club!

They are majestic, alluring and exotic. This is the place to find out more. This information will help you better understand cats and determine whether you are ready to adopt.

Feline Evolution

—The Path to Domestication Read more

How Cats Age

Cats age at various rates depending on their health and environment. Read more

Cat Senses

—How Felines Perceive the World Read more

A Cat’s Basic Needs

Security, comfort and a lot of love will be some of the your cat’s most basic needs. Read more

Building a Relationship with Your Cat

Creating a bond is an important first step in establishing a relationship with your cat.

Cat Safety

Learn more about
  • Microchipping
  • Secured Traveling
  • Cat-Proofing Your Home
  • Falling

Learn more

Feral Cats and Stray Community Cats

You may be accustomed to using these terms interchangeably, but feral cats and stray cats are actually very different.