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You know what they say: two is better than one. We’re convinced this is never more true than when it comes to two times the purrs and toe beans of a tiny kitten! Luckily, adopting two kittens or young cats instead of one is just as healthy for them as it is cute for you. Not only will they have a built-in playmate to keep them out of trouble, they’ll have a happier, healthier development. Plus, you’ll be saving two lives and receiving twice as much love. 


Kitten Adoption Requirements

While cats are often thought to be solitary creatures, they are actually very social – and they lean on each other for their feline social development! Because kittens and cats do not typically go to training classes, daycare or walks outside, they need additional enrichment and exercise in the home. A second kitten companion is a great way to provide build in playmates for cats – and a wonderful way to save two lives in need! 

Kitten Companionship

Kittens are curious and crave constant stimulation. When bored, a single kitten will find potentially troublesome ways to entertain himself – like chewing on plants, climbing drapes and furniture, unrolling toilet paper, or exploring electrical cords and sockets. When a kitten has another feline friend to play with, it is less likely they’ll entertain themself with these destructive behaviors!

Kitten Socialization

Kittens want and need interaction with other kittens for healthy social development. A kitten learns a lot in the first several months of life from his mother and littermates and, when adopted from PAWS, from their kitten roommates. While this isn’t to say a solo kitten can’t be happy and healthy alone, kittens who are able to remain with one of their littermates or a similarly-aged companion tend to be healthier, happier, and better-socialized than those who are a household’s only cat.

We understand that space, resources and preference can make a single cat the preferred option for some adopters. Our felines 13 weeks and up are able to be adopted out as single cats unless there is a special adoption note on their ComPETibility profile


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