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Tributes and Memorials

Honor people, pets or special occasions with a lifesaving donation.

A Special Gift

Making a gift in honor of a person or special occasion is a wonderful way to give something meaningful. Memorial gifts are a special way to remember a friend or family member who has passed.

For all of these gifts, you can choose to have us mail or email a personalized card to notify the recipient. 


Make A Tribute Donation

           To Make Tribute or Memorial donation over the phone, call 773-475-4242.


A tribute is a way to honor a person or pet who is living or celebrate an important event or milestone.


Memorials are a special way to honor the life of a departed friend or family member who cherished animals.

Special Occasions

Celebrate birthdays, graduations, bar/bat mitzvahs and other special occasions by making a donation to PAWS Chicago. 

Wedding Gifts & Favors

Tying the knot? Many animal-loving couples opt to give a donation on behalf of their guests in lieu of wedding favors.