Create Your Own (CYO) Fundraiser Program | PAWS Chicago

Create Your Own (CYO) Fundraiser Program

Support PAWS Chicago's life-saving work by hosting your own Create Your Own (CYO) Fundraiser! Your fundraising event will help fund PAWS Chicago's lifesaving programs for homeless pets.

Fundraising Ideas:

  • Host a Birthday Party for yourself or your pet and ask for donations in lieu of gifts.
  • Celebrate your pet's "Gotcha Day" by asking friends and family to make donations. Pay it forward so other homeless pets can have a Gotcha Day, too!
  • Connect with friends and family by hosting a Virtual Game Night and charging an "admission fee" by requesting donations.
  • Host a Facebook Fundraiser. Or Create your own customizable link where donations go directly to PAWS! Create your own link here
  • Are you a business looking to engage customers in a fun way? Hold a "give-back" night, week, or month where a portion of proceeds from a special dessert/drink or total sales will benefit PAWS Chicago.
  • Host a Mitzvah fundraiser to coincide with your special event! PAWS Chicago has a list of items needed for the pets and your fundraiser helps us raise funds that go directly to purchasing these items for our pets! We encourage you to use your event to help bring in non-food pet items. For ideas of what to donate, check out our Non-Food Pet Items List by clicking HERE.
  • Corporate Fundraising: Are you a business looking to engage customers in a fun way? Here are some ideas:
    • Host a give-back night/week/month where a portion of proceeds from a special product or total sales benefit PAWS Chicago.
    • Offer a round-up program to your customers over the course of a month or year and make a donation to PAWS Chicago.
    • Host an event with ticket sales going back to PAWS Chicago.

How PAWS Chicago Can Help 

  • We offer quarterly fundraising workshops to review the "Do's" and "Don'ts" of fundraising. Sign up for our next workshop by emailing us at
  • Use our resources to create a FREE fundraising page where 100% of donations will be made directly to PAWS Chicago.
  • Staff are available to answer questions you may have while planning your CYO to help ensure it's a success! Email us at

Thank you to our 2021 CYOs who raised $1,000+ for PAWS Chicago! 

  • All Elite Wrestling
  • Aura Aura and ACE Hotel
  • Joe Baert
  • Everest Global Services
  • Ryan Foreman
  • Forever Wick Candle
  • Invitation Homes
  • Julia and Phoebe Josephson
  • Rachel Light
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Osito’s Tap
  • Press Premium Alcohol Seltzer
  • R1 RCM, Inc.
  • Shake Your Tail Fitness
  • Shavitz Heating and Air Conditioning
  • SWAG
  • James Swanson
  • Vin Chicago

Fundraising Events

There are lots of ways to make a difference at PAWS Chicago. One of them is showing your support by participating in one of our fundraising events, all of which are designed so that proceeds directly benefit the more than 6,000 homeless pets rescued each year by PAWS Chicago.

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