Brian Zeman | PAWS Chicago

Brian Zeman

Foster Programs Assistant Director  

A Little Bit About Brian

Brian has been working at PAWS since 2014. After coming in on a whim to look at dogs, Brian realized that his schedule, at the time, was not conducive to having a dog, so he began volunteering at PAWS to get his fix. After a year, Brian began working at PAWS. He started as an Animal Caregiver, where he took an interest in dog behavior. While the work was demanding, it would not stop him from adopting a new member of the family. Brian quickly met and adopted his first PAWS dog, Larry–a three-legged boxer.

Sadly, Larry passed away after 5 years. About a month later, Brian met his current dog, Roger. After being in a home for 4 years, he was returned to the shelter. Brian decided to foster Roger due to how stressed the dog felt in that environment. They have been inseparable ever since.

Brian has worn a lot of hats at PAWS, and currently oversees the dog behavior foster program out of Lincoln Park. He has also been teaching at our training center for the past 1.5 years and has a CPDT-KA certification. 

What Brian teaches at PAWS Chicago: Polite Puppy Class, Level I Obedience, and private lessons.

Brian's Dog: Brian has a 9-year-old AM Staff mix named Roger that he adopted from PAWS in 2019! 

Fun Fact: Brian is in a sketch comedy group called The Stuntmen. The Stuntmen frequently perform at theaters across Chicago, and donate all of their proceeds to PAWS!