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Help Support PAWS Chicago's Nashville Animal Rescue Mission

When disaster strikes, PAWS Chicago responds. On Tuesday, March 3, the Nashville Tornadoes left the city’s residents and animals devastated and displaced. Local animal shelters, including one that was badly damaged, reached out for our help as they prepared for an influx of displaced animals. Thanks to dedicated volunteers and supporters, PAWS Chicago is able to offer immediate assistance to multiple impacted shelters who have animals in need of rescue.



Early morning on Thursday, March 5, PAWS responded to the devastation of the Nashville tornadoes by sending vans from Chicago to Nashville to rescue homeless pets in the affected areas. Our rescue vans will evacuate pets from the region, and the group will return to the PAWS Chicago Medical Center Friday morning, March 6.

PAWS Chicago's efforts will focus on pets who have been given up by their owners or had already been in local shelters before the storms hit, making room for the homeless animals that continue to come in and for pets of families who have lost everything and can no longer keep their animals. At our Medical Center, each pet will be given complete medical care. Once medically cleared, each pet will be available for adoption at PAWS Chicago’s adoption centers.

Following this mission, PAWS Chicago’s need for resources will increase as additional foster homes and supplies will be required to care for these animals, many of whom may be sick, injured or traumatized by recent experiences. PAWS welcomes donations and asks for people in Chicago to open their homes to foster pets and to sign up to volunteer. Join our efforts to help save lives.

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We will post routine updates on the Tennessee Rescue Mission as details are available. Check back often!

Wednesday, March 11 | 2 PM

Eight more animals have been adopted since Saturday! Six cats and two dogs are living their best lives with their forever families. Haverty, Gizmo, Sarge, Shannon, Norwood, Contessa, and Sumar are happy, healthy, and most importantly, they are home. After enduring so much hardship, they can finally relax and enjoy their new, joyful lives in the Windy City!

There are still more animals that need you, though. Six homeless pets are still seeking treatment at the Medical Center, and they could use your help. Please, donate and keep them in mind next time you visit the Adoption Center. We’re hoping for clear skies and speedy recoveries!



Saturday, March 7 | 6 PM

They’re already home! Three of the animals that were transferred in from the Medical Center today have already been adopted!

Please, join us in congratulating Lucy, Livi, and Jaques for finding their forever families today! The three happy pups are safe and healthy in their new, loving homes.

The rest of the crew that was transferred in is still available at the Lincoln Park Adoption Center! Lend them a visit, share their stories, and don’t forget to donate. There are still 17 more animals, most of whom are sick, injured, and traumatized, at the Medical Center who need your help!



Saturday, March 7 | 12 PM

Six animals have been transferred from the Medical Center to Lincoln Park Adoption Center. After receiving thorough exams, these pets were given a clean bill of health!

Three dogs (Lucy, Livi, and Jaques) and three cats (Haverty, Patsy, and Pizo) now only have one final destination—a forever home!

Join us in showering these pets with love by visiting the Adoption Center, sharing their stories, and donating to the cause.



Friday, March 6 | 5:30 AM

We're back from Nashville with 23 new additions to the PAWS family!

The Nashville community was welcoming, strong, and resilient in the face of disaster and now, they have the room to help the influx of pets entering their shelters after the devastating tornadoes.

Every single one of the homeless animals that we were able to save now has the chance to find their forever in Chicago. Join us in welcoming these brave and cute faces to the PAWS family!


Thursday, March 5 | 11:16 AM

A PAWS Chicago volunteer caravan carrying much needed supplies was dispatched today in response to the devastation of recent Tennessee Tornadoes. Volunteers Sheila Buralli, Behn Rudo, Carol Curt and Eileen Johnson will travel to multiple impacted shelters today and transport these vulnerable animals back to the PAWS Chicago Medical Center.

Join our efforts to alleviate suffering and save more animals.

Following this rescue mission, PAWS Chicago’s need for resources will increase as additional foster homes, volunteers and supplies will be required to care for these animals, many of whom may be sick, injured or traumatized by recent experiences. Stay tuned for updates from the rescue effort and how you can help.