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Tolliver is leaving the Lonely Hearts Club

Mar 20, 2023

Life has already dramatically changed for Tolliver, but we’re not quite done making miracles happen for him.

Tolliver had been picked up by local animal control. He had clearly been surviving as a stray for some time, facing horrible matting and dental disease, and living a lonely life.  

When matted hair goes unaddressed for as long as Tolliver’s had, it can cause serious medical problems. In this pup’s case, impacted hair and debris had made its way down his ear canal, rupturing his tympanic membrane and giving him a painful ear infection. 

As unlucky as his recent days had been, Tolliver's fortune started to turn when he became a PAWS pet. Here at our Medical Center, we not only shaved away all those painful tangles of hair, but we had a team of medical staff at the ready to treat his ear infection, provide necessary dental care, and make sure Tolliver wasn’t feeling any other discomforts hiding beneath the surface. 

Now, sweet Tolliver is fully recovered, sporting a fresh new look, and ready for a loving home! He's leaving that look behind, but more importantly, we’re going to help him leave that life behind, with nothing but warm cuddles and unconditional love ahead. 

Meet Tolliver