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Jan 24, 2023

There’s help when your dog is hurting.

Dogs feel pain just like people, and they may be hurting in silence because they can’t tell us. But pain shouldn’t be ignored. Here's how to tell if…

Jan 24, 2023

A Furry Family Reunion

In 2021, PAWS foster Molly Crane took in a mama dog named Honeycomb and her litter of 10 (yes, 10!) puppies. Two years later, all eleven dogs are…

Jan 24, 2023

A mysterious case of Sniffles

This senior cat was suffering due to an undiagnosed medical condition

Dec 27, 2022

Chicago Tribune Letter from author and PAWS adopter, Elaine Soloway

“Shelter dog” on a prescription pad can substitute for many of the drugs now written for depression or anxiety. As a dog owner, I can attest to the…

Dec 01, 2022

Orion: Big Dog, Big Heart, Big Operating Table

This 100lb dog will be running again soon after specialized surgery at our Medical Center

Oct 29, 2022

We Set a PAWS Chicago Spay/Neuter Record

See the faces behind the success of our first-ever Spay Day Marathon.

Oct 21, 2022

Medical Center Volunteers Have a Tried-and-True Prescription

How a kitten named Polly got by with a little help from our devoted feline volunteers.

Oct 20, 2022

Eli Beats the Odds

He was barely alive and needed CPR before taking his first breaths. But that was just the beginning.

Oct 04, 2022

PAWS Chicago’s Hurricane Ian Rescue Mission in the News!

Learn more about PAWS’ efforts to help impacted shelters in Southwest Florida

Sep 28, 2022

PAWS Chicago Seeing a Rise in Senior Pets

Learn how you can help homeless animals