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Lambert will be Smelling all the Flowers this Spring

Jun 03, 2024

Going above and beyond for pets like Lambert, so they not only live, but thrive, in their years to come.

Lambert wasn;t feeling so good when we pulled him from Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC), the city impoundment facility, in April. He had a respiratory infection and was later diagnosed with pneumonia after arriving at the PAWS Chicago Nan & Wayne Kocourek Medical Center.  

Antibiotics, oxygen treatment, and a nebulizer twice a day for a week helped Lambert get that all cleared up, but it\u2019s been difficult for this 1-year-old pup to breathe his whole life due to his flat-faced features. Lambert is brachycephalic, meaning he was born with obstructed airways that make it harder to breathe, cool down, and make him more sensitive to overheating. 

We then provided Lambert with a Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) surgery to resect those obstructing nares and expand his airways, drastically improving his quality of life. The surgery went incredibly well, and he was ready to get started on his new life after just a few days post-operation! With his contagious smile and affectionate nature, Lambert quickly found a home and a family to stop and smell all the flowers with him.  

At PAWS, we\u2019re not just focused on the lifesaving treatments, but the ways we can help make the rest of these pets' lives the happiest and healthiest they can be as we send them off with loving families.  

Happy trails, Lambert! 

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