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Bria's Bright Future is Here!

May 15, 2024

After only knowing neglect for her first year of life, Bria has blossomed in foster care for the transformation of a lifetime.

One-year-old Bria was diverted to PAWS Chicago before being surrendered at Chicago Animal Care & Control (CACC), the city impoundment facility, in horrible condition. She had severe dermatitis, was underweight, had a wound on her hip, and showed signs of being kept in a cage most of her life, despite living in a home. Typically, when we see dogs suffering from this level of skin disease, it\u2019s because they\u2019ve been struggling as strays for a long time, not living in someone's home.

Her condition suggested months of neglect. She didn't need a complicated surgery or intensive care; Bria needed the basic love and care that every pet deserves, and it broke our hearts to see her missing out on that for so long.

To help her heal, we piled on the TLC, paired with medicated baths every few days to help with her itchy, inflamed skin. She soon moved into a foster home for a month of recovery in a comfortable home, and it was there that she finally got a chance to be a dog.

Bria's foster reported that she didn't understand toys at first, but soon learned her favorites were the tough toys that made for great tug of war and rounds of fetch. Instead of sleeping in a cage, she naps in laps, and her fosters joked that \u201cshe\u2019s not just a lap dog, she\u2019s more like a chest dog, because she loves to be as close to your face as possible.

Today, her dry, painful skin has been replaced with a beautiful coat, her spirit is renewed, and her very bright future has just begun. 
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