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Bonbon’s valiant victory against parvovirus

Jan 19, 2024

At only 3lbs, Bonbon can call himself a heavyweight champ after winning a tough battle against deadly parvo!

As part of a new partnership with Chicago Animal Care & Control (the City Pound), and our access to the revolutionary new drug Canine Parvovirus Monoclonal Antibody (CPMA), PAWS Chicago can take all parvo patients at the City Pound to receive treatment at our Medical Center.  

That’s how we met 8-week-old, 3-pound Bonbon, fighting parvovirus with all his might.  

We’ve seen firsthand how CPMA can completely transform a parvovirus patient in a matter of days – from barely able to lift their heads to running around as if nothing happened.  

Bonbon turned out to be a great reminder of why even with a miracle drug, parvo patients still need a place like PAWS to survive this horrible virus.  

Bonbon was already in a very fragile state when he got to us and received the CPMA injection, but at least his uphill battle started with a boost. He spent the next 12 days on IV fluids and medication, seven days in an incubator, nine days on a feeding tube, received three blood transfusions, one red blood cell transfusion, and one whole blood transfusion.  

He also got some help from our friends at Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG), who provided overnight care for us on three especially crucial nights. That’s where he met Annika, a VEG staff member who fell in love with his tiny but mighty spirit! 

As soon as Bonbon was cleared from parvo, Annika decided to foster him and their bond only grew stronger. Annika officially foster-failed and welcomed Bonbon into her family! 

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