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Blind Love

May 15, 2024

Senior cat Cardi may have lost her sight, but she

When we first met senior cat Cardi, she was sick, blind, and stuck in limbo at Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC), the city impoundment facility, without any interested adopters. It was time for this girl to get better and find a home. 

PAWS Chicago took Cardi in. Once safe at the PAWS Chicago Medical Center & Lurie Clinic, we discovered that her blindness was due to an untreated thyroid disease. On top of that, she was diagnosed with kidney disease.  

It took careful medication, the surgical removal of her thyroid gland, and lots of snuggles but we finally got Cardi feeling better and ready for a new home. That's when she met Meg and Scott Radliff.  

\u201cWhen we came to PAWS, we specifically said we were interested in senior cats. Cardi's foster mom, Brandy, overheard us and excitedly started telling us about Cardi. Brandy was so informative and passionate, and clearly so in love with Cardi, that we were able to look past the blindness and kidney disease and thyroid removal to see how rewarding it would be to care for and love Cardi,\u201d says Scott Radliff.

When Scott, Meg, and Cardi finally met, it was magic.  

Cardi, she had no hesitation in crawling all over us and just letting us know that she approved of us. We are big believers in the cats choosing us just as much as us choosing the cats, and it was clear that Cardi was choosing us, says Scott.  

For a blind cat, settling into a new space has its challenges, but Scott and Meg did a great job helping Cardi adjust, gradually opening up new spaces for her to explore.  

We wanted her to be fully comfortable in the available space before introducing more. We are overjoyed at each new milestone that might be ordinary for a sighted cat, such as climbing up and down from the couch or using the stairs next to the radiator to find a warm place for a nap, says Scott.  

Today, Cardi couldn\u2019t be comfier in her adopted home.  

She loves to cuddle and loves getting her tummy rubbed. She is happiest being cuddled on your left shoulder with her nose in your ear, says Scott.  

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