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Adopting a Foster Pet

How Exciting! You, or someone you know, have fallen in love with your foster pet. How do you make it official?

The main goal when you foster is to care for these animals until they are ready for adoption. But sometimes you realize you can’t live without the animal you’re fostering. Or maybe a friend or family member has made a special connection with your foster pet.

If this is the case, let the Foster Program Team know before the end of your foster period. Contact them at with any questions or concerns.

You Want to Adopt

Congratulations on joining an elite group of people affectionately known as “Foster Fail.”

Don’t worry, this is a positive term! Being a Failed Foster means you fell for those puppy eyes or loving purrs so much that you can’t let go. Notify the PAWS Chicago Foster Team as soon as you know you want to adopt, and we will provide you with the steps to adopt your foster pet.

Please Note:

  • If you express your interest in adopting the animal after the foster period is over (once you’ve given the animal back to PAWS), we cannot guarantee the adoption.

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A Friend, Neighbor or Family Member Wants to Adopt

Unfortunately, we cannot put an animal on hold for adopters. If your friend or family member is interested in adopting, please give us their contact information when you drop off the pet at the end of the foster period. Our foster team can share your information with the adoption team. The next best step is to ensure you have an adoption application filled out. 

To Facilitate an Adoption:

  • Feel free to confirm with the Foster Program Team to determine when the animal will be transferred to one of our Adoption Centers or adoption events.
  • If the animal you are fostering is slated to attend an adoption event, the interested party must attend that particular event to adopt.
  • Everyone in the household must be present at the time of the adoption. If the potential adopter is adopting a dog, any dogs in the household are also required to be present.


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