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The most remarkable recovery of the year

Dec 13, 2023

Dumpling was barely alive when we met her. Today, she is happy, healthy, and thriving.

Dumpling was seen being dumped on the street, too weak to even move. She was barely alive, but Chicago Animal Care and Control picked her up just in time. 

They called us in hopes we could take this emergency medical case—otherwise, she would be humanely euthanized. Shortly after, Dumpling was on her way to PAWS.  

Dumpling was extremely dehydrated with dangerously high sodium levels, and stabilizing her vitals would have to be done very slowly and carefully to avoid shocking her fragile system. And, although she was starving, food would have to be re-introduced gradually as well so that her digestive system could handle it. 

Through slow, steady work coupled with lots of love, our veterinary team was able to stabilize Dumpling. By Day Two she had the strength to stand, Day Three took her first shaky steps, and each day after she continued to get stronger. 

Once she was out of critical care, Dumpling went to foster care to gain weight, which she very much enjoyed! In a month, Dumpling went from 10lbs to 20lbs, and didn’t spend a single day without chasing her new toys and snuggling up with her foster mom, Niki. 

From unable to move to being the bounciest, happiest, playful pup, Dumpling’s recovery and enthusiasm to love everyone she met had us in awe. We weren’t surprised at all when Niki decided to officially welcome her to the family!  

Dumpling was a victim of unimaginable cruelty, but you would never know that if you met her today. She is full of life, full of love, and enjoying every single moment of her new life.   

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