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Margot’s Makeover

Sep 19, 2023

By the time Margot ended up at Chicago Animal Care and Control, she had been suffering from neglect for quite some time. She was covered in ticks, missing patches of fur from a skin infection, and her ears were swollen shut due to an extremely painful ear infection that had run rampant without treatment.

Margot is a French Bulldog, and dogs that belong to the bulldog breed are more susceptible to allergies due to their very narrow air canals. Those allergies often result in frequent ear infections. In Margot’s case, this one had become so severe it caused total deafness in both ears.

Once she arrived at PAWS, we cleaned her up, removed those ticks, and started her on treatment for her infected skin and antibiotics for her very painful ears. Unfortunately, the infection had already reached the stage where it was now resistant to medication. It had spread all the way from her outer ear to so far down the ear canal that it reached her skull and caused mineralization.

To relieve the severe pain she was in, Margot went into surgery for both of her ears. Two PAWS surgeons scrubbed in for an operation called a Total Ear Canal Ablation and Bulla Osteotomy (TECA-BO).

This is a very delicate and intricate surgery due to the number of arteries and important facial nerves in that area. Our surgeons worked diligently to remove the infected ear canal, clean the bone, and close the canal so that Margot can never get infections like this in the future.

Margot may have been deaf for quite some time before we met her, but she doesn’t let that slow her down or keep her from getting all the cuddles she wants! This special gal is finally feeling back to her healthy, strong self, and will be looking for her loving home soon!

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