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Gus’s turn of fate

Feb 19, 2024

Hurt and alone on the side of the road, Gus beat the odds to cross paths with PAWS.

A Good Samaritan came to Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC), rushing in with Gus in their arms after finding him on the side of the road. It seemed Gus had suffered some kind of trauma. He may have been hit by a car or attacked by another animal, but the past didn’t matter now. That day, our intake team was already answering a call at CACC when Gus arrived.  

He was crying in pain, his gums were pale, his pulse racing but heartbeat faint, he was suffering from a fever, had wounds on his back and extensive bruising and swelling to his leg. Our intake team was so glad to be there in the exact place and time that Gus needed such urgent help, and he was rushed back to our Medical Center for treatment.   

Gus’s X-rays indicated he was also suffering from a fractured pelvis. PAWS veterinarian Dr. Emily Yacker placed an IV catheter, a difficult task due to his low blood pressure, and was able to get fluids into his system, which improved his blood flow, pulse, and temperature.  

After two rounds of IV fluids, pain medication, antibiotics, and lots of rest, Gus was finally stable, and his body started to heal.  

Day by day, he was able to put more weight on his leg and his cuts healed over. Pelvic fractures are best healed through limited activity and monitoring via X-ray, and we could easily track his progress with the imaging equipment at our Medical Center. Puppies are healing machines, and Gus is no exception – he healed wonderfully!  

Today, he is like any other fun-loving, adventurous puppy! We’re so grateful that Gus was found by that Good Samaritan in time, and crossed paths with our team at the perfect moment. Even better, Gus is ready to meet a loving family of his own now and is available to meet at our Lincoln Park Adoption Center!  

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