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Chloe Mendel's Faux Fur Business Supporting PAWS Chicago

by Danielle Gordon | Aug 09, 2018

Chloe Mendel grew up surrounded by fashion and fur. As the 6th generation family member in the haute couture house of Mendel, she wanted to start a company that would pay homage to the tradition of finely crafted, luxurious fur coats. From that vision, Maison Atia, Chloe’s new luxury faux fur collection was launched in New York in November.

Chloe’s decision to work with faux fur and to remove animal products from her collection was not political, she says, emphasizing that she is not taking sides in this contentious debate.

Instead, she’s trying to modernize traditional fur fashion to appeal to a new generation of consumers. Younger buyers are seeking a fresh style but they also value fine design and meticulous construction. “I was looking for a way to take the craft that’s in my DNA and bring it to people today in a fun, inclusive way,” she says. The “fur” used in Chloe’s collection is so well made that buyers often think it’s real.


Chloe committed from the start to integrate a charitable component into her business and she chose to support PAWS Chicago. Her partner, William (Billy) Corgan, introduced her to the organization and she shares his zeal for its mission.

“I know that what PAWS does is real  it has integrity,” Chloe said. When you enter one of the adoption centers, “you feel happy — there’s natural light, open space and the volunteers are smiling. Every decision at PAWS is made in the best interests of the pets and the community,” she says.

Chloe also has a more personal connection to PAWS. “The organization is part of our daily lives. PAWS helped us find our cats, our companions, and we are so grateful for that.”

For every coat sold, Maison Atia will provide a homeless pet transport from a high kill shelter to PAWS Chicago. The “Buy a Coat, Save a Puppy” tagline is a hit! “People want to know what exactly they are giving to. When I tell women about the impact they are making, some even cry,” Chloe said. Funding is used to help kittens and adult pets, as well as puppies. 

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