Enrichment | PAWS Chicago


When you start leaving the home for longer periods of time, you should make sure your dog has mental stimulation while you are away and provide an outlet for physical exercise during your time together:

  1. An engaging toy or puzzle to explore is great for independence training. Consider using a stuffed Kong toy with frozen peanut butter or wet dog food.
  2. Take your dog for longer walks/runs before and after work to tire them out. Consider switching up your walking route for a change of scenery!
  3. If you have a yard, your dog may enjoy playing fetch!
  4. Make a plan! If your dog is dog social, look in doggie daycare options. Or instead, consider a dog walker. We recommend consulting your vet, family, and friends for trusted recommendations.
  5. Finally, consider taking a class with the PAWS Chicago Training Center. The Training Center offers exciting in person and virtual classes to keep your dog engaged.

Remember, make the shorter time you spend together more engaging to keep your pup from getting bored!