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Households with Senior Citizens

Dogs can make great companions for seniors, providing unconditional love and constant companionship.

Similarly, seniors provide some of the best homes for dogs, with a consistent environment and presence.

Here are some things to consider when adopting as a senior:

  1. Size and Strength. It’s important for adopters to be able to manage the dog when walking or getting into a vehicle. The adopter’s strength should be considered when selecting a dog. Many of our senior adopters prefer to avoid large-breed and strong dogs for this reason.
  2. Activity. It’s important to match the adopter’s activity level with their new dog’s energy level. More sedentary senior adopters prefer to avoid puppies and may elect for mature or senior dogs that are less active.
  3. Age. A dog’s age is an important indicator of activity and energy. Often, senior adopters prefer to provide a home to senior dogs who are often the most forgotten. They also don’t have to worry about training and puppyhood.
  4. Special Needs. Some senior homes are ideal for our special needs dogs who prefer to avoid the presence of other dogs or children. Alternatively, other senior homes have a revolving door of family and children coming through and require a well-balanced, well-socialized dog.
  5. Long-Term Care. Planning in advance is always important. Seniors should plan in advance and have a network of people to help care for their pet in the event of an emergency.

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