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Managing Potential Allergies


Controlling pet allergies takes some work, but it can be achieved.

The allergens your cat carries are associated with his skin, hair follicles and saliva. Dander, a naturally occurring combination of skin cells and saliva, is shed from your cat and is a common cause of pet allergies. It embeds itself in carpeting, furniture and draperies and lingers in the environment, causing allergic reactions. Some cats shed more than others, making them less tolerable. In general, male cats produce more allergens than females.

Most allergies can be solved by making minor adjustments to your environment. The key is reducing the total allergen level. An individual who is allergic to animals may exhibit no noticeable symptoms when the total exposure is below the allergy threshold level.

The goal should be to minimize exposure to allergens that exceed your tolerance threshold and trigger attacks. Air purifiers, vacuums with air filters and other methods to keep your environment free of dust and hair help. If you have allergies, consider not letting your cat sleep on your pillows or bed.

Talk to your physician about medications that can help with cat allergies.

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