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Jane Payne

Jane Payne began volunteering with PAWS in 2015 thanks to a good friend who suggested it at what happened to be the perfect moment in her life.

“After losing my two Labs, I knew I was not going to have another pet, so this was a good way to help get pets into good homes,” said Jane.

Jane started out as a Level 1 volunteer and then became an Animal Counselor a few years ago.

Adoption Counselors helped us send home over 4,000 animals in 2021 explaining the resources that PAWS provides to its adopters, answering questions the adopters have and following up post-adoption to make sure things are going well.

“I love seeing the joy on the faces of new owners!” said Jane.

In fact, one of her favorite PAWS moments involved just that.

When PAWS first opened in Highland Park we had a Great Pyrenees that was just a beautiful dog. One of my husband’s musician friends was looking for a big dog so told him to look at this dog. It was love at first sight. She had a wonderful home and he immortalized her in a song! 

Beyond her day-to-day work with PAWS, Jane truly believes in our goal to give every pet, no matter their circumstances, a second chance.

“Finding homes for the animals is very rewarding, but the PAWS mission also brings vet care to under-served areas of Chicago.”

If you’d like to start making a difference in the lives of homeless pets, become a volunteer like Jane!

“You will do good work. You will meet great people. And all the animals will tug at your heartstrings.

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