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What Your Donation Can Do

Just a few of the ways your donation makes an impact:


provides medication to treat kennel cough for one week Donate


provides a microchip to a dog or cat, ensuring they will not be homeless again Donate


covers the laundering of toys, towels and pet beds for one day (more than 30 loads per day!) Donate


stocks litter in Kitty City for one day Donate


covers the daily cost of critical veterinary care for pets with life threatening diseases like parvovirus, panleukopenia, calici and pneumonia. Donate


pays for an X-ray of a sick or injured pet Donate


provides intravenous fluids for a sick pet for one week Donate


will treat one dog with demodectic mange Donate


sponsors a spay/neuter surgery Donate


fuels a transport vehicle aiding in animal rescue Donate


supports the medical treatment needed to cure an upper respiratory infection Donate


funds basic care, vaccinations and spay/neuter for one healthy pet, from arrival through adoption Donate


offers dogs in a need a veterinary behaviorist consultation Donate


covers ringworm treatment and care for one cat Donate


will provide life-saving diagnostics with a cardiologist for animals with heart complications Donate


cures one dog from heartworm Donate


is the average cost of treating one sick or injured pet, from rescue to adoption Donate


provides critical care to a pet with life-threatening injuries Donate


funds an orthopedic surgery with a specialist Donate