Nose Work | PAWS Chicago

Nose Work Level 1 and Level 2

Help Your Dog Fulfill His Natural Instincts

This is a great class for dogs who love to explore the world through their nose.

Does your pup love to smell everything as they explore the world? Nose work is a fun activity which teaches your pup to look for certain scents in different places. This class is a great extracurricular to help focus high energy pups, give nervous pups confidence and for training teams to bond learning together.

This class is a 4-week course intended to learn the foundations of nose work training and to provide a fun activity for you and your pup like solving puzzles together.

If you are new to nose work, you will learn the basics with Level 1 but if you have nose work experience, you will progress to using scent kits as part of Level 2.

The Basics

  • Number of Classes: 4 weekly classes (Class will meet on the same day/time each week)
  • Length of Class: 40 minutes
  • Pre-Requisites: None
  • Age: All ages are welcome
  • Price: $125

The following are required for participation

  1. Standard Leash: A five- or six-foot leash (no retractable or chain leashes).
  2. Boxes: 3-7 empty cardboard boxes.
  3. Collar/Harness: Martingale collar, buckle collar or training harness.
  4. Treat Carrier: A bag, pouch, fanny pack, apron with pocket or deep pocket that provides easy access to treats.
  5. Treats: Lots of small, easy-to-chew, high-value treats. Cut up pieces of cheese or hot dogs are good choices, as are soft treats made specifically for training.
  6. Introductory Scent Kit: If you are taking level 2 of this course, please purchase a standard birch scent canister. Please email the instructor for recommendations.
  • Please be on time.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and nonskid shoes. Flip flops, sandals and heels are not recommended.
  • Do not feed your puppy before class. A hungry puppy is more motivated to learn.
  • Give your dog time to relieve himself before class.

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