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Professional Board

Joining forces to save lives.

Professionals Making an Impact

The PAWS Chicago Professional Board is a group of professionals, emerging in their careers in and around the Chicagoland area, who are passionate about saving homeless pets by way of their social and professional networks. 

Tasked with raising funds and awareness for PAWS Chicago’s life-saving work, Professional Board members are role models in the community and a lifeline to thousands of homeless pets. 

As advocates committed to PAWS Chicago’s No Kill mission, the Professional Board helps homeless animals through volunteering, fostering, planning the Board’s annual fundraising events, and engaging others to support our great organization. 

Make it Better named PAWS Chicago's Professional Board one of the "Best Young Professionals Groups in Chicago in 2017."

Raising Awareness & Providing Support

PAWS Chicago is one of the nation’s largest No Kill animal shelters, guaranteeing life to the nearly 6,000 homeless animals it rescues each year. The goal of making Chicago a No Kill city is only possible through the help of the animal-loving community, as PAWS Chicago receives no federal or local government funding.

Professional Board members are true ambassadors of PAWS Chicago and homeless animals, raising awareness by way of their social and professional networks. They serve as PAWS Chicago representatives at signature events each year by volunteering, fostering, planning the board’s annual fundraising events, and engaging others to support our great organization. 

In order to provide the vital support PAWS Chicago needs to continue their lifesaving programs, board members are asked to complete specific Board Requirements during each year of membership, including General, Program, Fundraising and Event Requirements. 

The Professional Board welcomes prospective members to any of their meetings. All meetings are 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. with networking from 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Our 2019 - 2020 dates are: 

  • Thursday, August 22, 2019
  • Monday, October 21, 2019
  • Tuesday, December 10, 2019
  • Wednesday, February 12, 2020
  • Thursday, April 16, 2020
  • Monday, June 15. 2020

Meeting locations vary. If you would like to attend a meeting as a guest, please email for more information. 

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Each year, the Professional Board hosts or takes part in several PAWS Chicago fundraising events, adoption events and lifesaving programs. Check them out: 

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Join the Board

The PAWS Chicago Professional Board is pleased to accept new members on an ongoing basis! 

Prior to joining the Professional Board, please review our annual Board Requirements. 

To begin the application process, download and complete the Professional Board Application. Once completed, send an email with the application and your resume and a PAWS Chicago representative will follow-up with you shortly.  

Prospective members are invited to upcoming meetings, social events and some volunteer opportunities.  If you would like to learn more about upcoming events and be included on our guest list, please send an email to  If you have additional questions and would like to set up a time to talk with our Leadership Team members or staff lead, please email us at

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Meet the Professional Board

Professional Board Executive Leadership Team

  • Sarah Atkinson 
  • Paige Krueger
  • Nikki Mazza


Recruitment Committee

  • Paige Krueger and Rachel Light, Co-Chairs
  • Jessica Angelica
  • Kay Brungs Laud
  • Sarah Divine
  • Amanda Ford
  • Alonso Lam
  • Caroline Rothstein

Social Committee

  • Madeleine Parker, Chair
  • Jessica Angelica
  • Taylor Atkins
  • Amanda Ford
  • Jessica Hardin
  • Jess Hout
  • Kim Lavelle
  • Rachel Light
  • Emily Olsen
  • Robin Saffir
  • Amanda Trcka
  • Amanda Vaal

Medical Center Day Committee

  • Kay Brungs Laud, Chair
  • Kim Lavelle
  • Caroline Rothstein
  • Amy Saltzman



Professional Board Members

  • Angela Accurso
  • Faisal Alabsi
  • Jessica Angelica
  • Jonathan Angelica
  • Nick Antoniou
  • Taylor Atkins
  • Sarah Atkinson
  • Kathryn Bakaly
  • Rachael Banas
  • Russell Batra
  • Karli Bieniek
  • Beth Blackman
  • Iliana Blasdell
  • Daisey Blower
  • Julie Bolotin
  • Alison Bouchard 
  • Hilary Brown
  • Kyle Bruner
  • Kay Brungs Laud
  • Victoria Centomani
  • Daphne Chan
  • Michael Chester
  • Nichole Clark
  • Pat Conway
  • Ladye Cook
  • Joe Cunningham
  • Matthew Delfino
  • Natalie Dickson
  • Sarah Divine
  • Anna Dziamski, MD
  • Lauren Easterday
  • Mario Echevarria
  • Alex Eddy
  • Morgan Eisenstein
  • Amanda Ellis
  • John Emerson
  • Mackenzie Farmer
  • Chelsey Fera
  • Christine Filarski
  • Christian Finley
  • Amanda Ford
  • Trey Frame
  • Jonathan Funch
  • Jena Gambaccini
  • Michael Godlin
  • Blake Green
  • Andrew Hambleton
  • Jessica Hardin
  • Emily Harkins
  • Mike Heberlein
  • Tyler Hirschel
  • Marie Hollister
  • Jess Hout
  • Justin Hunter
  • Brooks Hurd
  • Tucker Jameson
  • Meredith Kerr
  • Asad Khan
  • Kate Knutson
  • Selena Kowalski
  • Maria Krejci
  • Paige Krueger
  • Rachael Kuhn
  • Catherine Kurtz
  • Alonso Lam
  • Kimberly Lavelle
  • Sarah Leas
  • Alex Lee
  • Rachel Light
  • Kyle Lindberg
  • Amelia (Amy) Litterski
  • Emily Macaluso
  • Kim Mahan
  • Lea Malewitz
  • Ryan Manning
  • Margo Masserman
  • Jessica Mayo
  • Nikki Mazza
  • Darae McNair
  • Nicole Minadeo
  • Rebecca Mo
  • Olivia Napier
  • Alexandra Obushenko
  • Emily Olsen
  • Drew Osika
  • Madeleine Parker
  • Holly Pearson
  • Patricia Pelaez
  • Dayna Perlut
  • Sydney Perotti
  • Stacia Peterson
  • Katherine Racanelli
  • Caroline Rothstein
  • Henry Sackman
  • Robin Saffir
  • Amy Saltzman
  • Michelle Scinkovec
  • Lily Seglin
  • Sunil Sekhri
  • Whitney Siehl
  • Carrie Spaniol
  • Clinton Steinhoff
  • Jordan Szwed
  • Jamie Travis
  • Amanda Trcka
  • Deborah Tschiltsch
  • Amanda Vaal
  • Irina Voloshina 
  • Heather Watson
  • Chandler Watts
  • Elizabeth Westrope
  • Andrew White
  • Lavanga Wijekoon
  • Anna Young
  • Rebecca Zeni
  • Christin Zindrick