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Domestic Shorthair




3 Years




Lincoln Park Adoption Center

Human Sociability

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Stuart's Story

Type of Foster Home: 

We are looking for a Core Foster home. If you've had a pet or fostered before, you have all the skills you need to be a Core Foster. 

Stuart is a 3-year-old male cat. He is a ball of energy! Stuart loves all types of cat toys and enrichment including wand toys, snuffle mats filled with treats, and scratching posts. He can occasionally get overstimulated, so he will need a foster that is gentle with him. Stuart is healthy and is waiting to find his forever home. In the meantime, he would love to go to a foster home!

How to Foster Stuart:

New fosters can take the first step by learning about fostering and completing the Foster Care Application. Veteran foster parents can email to schedule a pickup appointment.

Stuart is available for foster pick-up through our Medical Center at 3516 W. 26th St.

Why Adopt?

Adoption is one of the best ways to save a life. Only a few thousand more adoptions each year in Chicago, a city of millions of people, and we will be a No Kill community! You can make a real difference.

At PAWS Chicago, we keep working to grow our operations to save more homeless pets. It's how we've gone from saving a few dozen to 6,000 pets a year. But it is our adopters who make the real magic happen by bringing these loving pets home. Adopt a pet and spread the word!

First Time Fostering? Learn More

Our foster families enable us to take in more pets at risk. Some require a quiet place to heal from illness or injury; small puppies and kittens need a nurturing place to grow before they are able to be spayed or neutered and adopted; and others just need socialization and a break from the activity of Adoption Center living. Become a foster parent and help homeless pets in need!