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Hello, I'm Hoot

Things are well and we are happy to have her here with us!

Hoot's Story

My family loves her and she spoiled rotten! We go for walks to the nearby park and we take car rides to the pet store. She is set to start training classes at our local Petco in march; a guy that I went to high school with is the trainer there. We are crate training her and she has been doing very well with potty training so I am really happy about that. Overall, things are well and we are happy to have her here with us.

She's 5 months now and full of energy! She had her first training class weekend and it went pretty well. She's in class with Luna, a 5 month old husky and Crystal, a 4 month old bull mastiff. The three of them play very well together and their trainer, Derrick (a friend from high school and one of two trainers at Petco Hillside) is awesome! Chloé is growing fast. She's lost 3 baby teeth (maybe more but I've found 3 so far) and she's about 15 pounds!!! I'm really looking forward to taking her out to the dog park once rainy season is over.