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Husky, Terrier, Pit Bull




9 Years




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Home Alone

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Epic's Story

This senior gentleman is looking to live out his best years yet. To Epic, age is just a number! Epic's foster family said, "Epic loves ham, long walks, new smells, cuddling on people and falling asleep on them, belly rubs, warm blankets, car rides, fluffy toys, and big morning stretches! He strongly dislikes fruits, vegetables, and being left alone. We will seriously miss the fact that his snoring starts before he's even fallen asleep to take a nap!"

Epic has an epic job that he takes very seriously in the home - greeter. He must say hello to everyone that walks in. His foster family reported that he loves to go to the door with as many toys as possible and say hello to whoever has walked in.

Are you Epic's forever family? You might be if you are home more often than not, have a similarly sized resident dog and don't have cats. Epic would love to live with another dog-pal so he doesn't miss you too much while you're out and about.

Meet Epic

Epic can’t wait to meet you!

If you’re interested in adopting this pet, there are few steps you must complete before scheduling an appointment at our Lincoln Park Adoption Center:

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Adoption Process

All PAWS Chicago dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, microchipped, and have up-to-date shots based on age and arrival date.