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Hello, I'm Atari

He's a very snugly boy.

Atari's Story

We changed his name to Atari Etxebarri Hall. He and our other dog Deia Jumilla Hall are best friends. They are always either snuggling or playing. They play, they get tired, and then they snuggle and sleep. So far he has met a friend of our friends, neighbors, and was socialized to go to Urban Pooch for Day Care. He's been twice now. I might have to say is that his ears are so big that it is just SO FUNNY to expose him to new sounds such as the Metra and L. He was in the burbs before so we have been making it a point to introduce him to 'city noises.' He also walks great on a leash and is always being complimenting on his good behavior.   Him and Deia love to puppy play and 'mouth' but what is funny is how they will chew on this piece of wood (Spanish Olive Wood treat for chewing not firewood!) and sometimes will share at same time but always take turns. He loves to sleep on his fuzzy bed and this furry blanket. I think he also loves when we all hang out on the couch and have a fire. He's a very snugly boy.