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Tallulah, the Picnic Crasher

Jul 08, 2021

Imagine this: you’re picnicking on a warm, spring day and a surprise guest shows up. Not just any surprise guest, though, a fluffy, lovable, two-year-old cat. For one woman, this imagination became a reality! 

When Tallulah’s former owner could no longer care for her, she packed Tallulah up into a cat carrier and planned to release her in her local neighborhood park. Fortunately for Tallulah, fate had a different plan. Before the carrier door was opened, a picnicker stepped in, offering to take Tallulah until she could locate a more permanent home. Across the street, Alex King, PAWS Chicago’s Intake Team Manager, saw the interaction and worked with the picnicker to get Tallulah into the PAWS program. 

Alex said, Tallulah is “shy, but very sweet. [I] had her in my bathroom for a couple days before bringing her to PAWS. She stayed huddled in her cage most of the day, but after a few moments of petting would stand up, come out and rub on me, purring.” 

After getting a clean bill of health from the PAWS Medical Team, Tallulah’s spending her time relaxing in a foster home until she finds her adoptive family. “Tallulah has come into her own as a confident, attention loving kitty,” said Tallulah’s new foster mom, Amanda Nybakken. 

If you want to help pets in need, like Tallulah, consider fostering! You’ll have full PAWS support for food, medical, and training needs and be providing vital support for homeless pets. See pets looking for a foster family and apply at