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Jubilee’s Lifesaving Journey

Feb 18, 2022

The PAWS Chicago Medical Center was designed to save pets like Jubilee, a sick and hurting kitten, and give her a fighting chance. Watch Jubilee’s story on FOX 32 Chicago.

In late January 2022, the PAWS Chicago medical team sprang to action when Jubilee, a 6-month-old kitten, arrived at our Medical Center from a municipal shelter in need of urgent medical care.

Her x-rays confirmed a fracture in her hind leg and she was suffering a break in her tail that failed to heal properly and required surgery. Several days later, her bloodwork results came back positive for feline panleukopenia. Highly contagious and resource intensive, this diagnosis is typically a death sentence at most shelters. PAWS Chicago’s Medical Center was designed with diseases like panleukopenia in mind and is able to care for sick cats like Jubilee thanks to medical-grade quarantine and isolation rooms.

Jubilee’s care required a feeding tube and IV fluids to receive intensive treatment along with antibiotics to stave off further infection. After several days in recovering in an incubator, Jubilee has overcome the odds and recovered from panleukopenia!

Now, she’s looking for a foster home where she can recover from an upper respiratory illness and receive crate rest and lots of physical affection to help her stay social and happy. Despite all she’s been through, Jubilee is thriving and loving.

While we don’t know the circumstances that led her to PAWS Chicago in this condition, we are thankful she is now receiving the lifesaving care needed to make a full recovery.