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Bluto’s Blue Beginning

Jul 29, 2020

World, meet Bluto, a happy-go-lucky pup who’s had to fight hard to end up here. At only eleven months old, Bluto’s already seen the bad and ugly side of life. He was born in the home of a breeder, where he began his downward spiral of medical issues. He suffered severe mange and demodex, a skin parasite that causes irritation and fur loss. He endured a urinary tract infection and hemorrhaging. He felt the pain and discomfort of untreated illness. That is, until one kind citizen scooped him up and changed his life.

After seeing Bluto’s condition, an animal lover brought him to the PAWS Chicago Medical Center in the hopes of getting him the help he needed. Because the owner lived in a neighborhood assisted by our PAWS for Life Community Outreach, a program dedicated to providing medical care and support for some of our city’s most underserved communities, our Community Outreach team stepped in in to begin treating Bluto’s illnesses and provide much-needed care. Now, Bluto’s here with us at PAWS! He’s in a loving foster home experience all the joy dog toys and belly rubs can bring and continuing down his path to healing. Thanks to the selflessness of an animal lover, the support of our Medical Center and Community Outreach teams, and a little bit of faith, Bluto is finally living the life he’s deserved all along!

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