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Become a Lifesaving Foster

Jun 15, 2015

When Was the Last Time You Saved a Life?

Help PAWS Chicago increase the number of homeless pets we can save by serving as a temporary foster home. You provide a warm, loving environment on a temporary basis – we provide the rest!

We have an urgent need for foster help! From dogs and cats who need a break from the Adoption Center, to our sick and injured animals, there is a pet who needs you! 

Best of all – by choosing to foster, you actually save two lives: the life of the animal you care for temporarily, and by making room for another animal to be brought to PAWS Chicago, a second animal who needs our help!

Our experienced foster team will help find the right pet for your interests and experience level - from first-timer to experienced animal caregiver. We provide supplies and are available for any support you need. Get started now: