Animal Welfare News item | PAWS Chicago

10 Cats Rescued from Hoarding

Jun 10, 2021

On the hazy morning of May 25, we welcomed 10 cats rescued from a hoarding house to PAWS Chicago. Chicago Animal Care and Control asked for our help and, with our soft spot for the most in need pets, we said “of course.”  

Animal hoarding is a very real and complex issue that requires the help of an entire community. Animal hoarding, like most other subsets of hoarding, is pervasive and often stems from a place of care for the pets in the homes. Unfortunately, the outcome isn’t representative of these good intentions. We won’t set the scene by describing the state of the house these 10 cats were rescued from or talk poorly of their condition. Instead, we’ll celebrate the willingness of their former family to seek help and look forward to the future that lies ahead. 

Please join us in welcoming Elijah, Bertha, Channing, Hershey, Feldon, Adriana, Dooley, Genovia, Idella, and Joanie to PAWS! Now that they’re here, they can work on their socialization and healing. Some cats, like 12-year-old Elijah, have a long way to go— he’s awaiting a potential enucleation surgery for his previously-injured eyes, dental surgery, and some much-deserved TLC for his senior cat ailments. Others, like Hershey, are just learning what it’s like to be brave and social. Whatever their needs are, we’ll meet them without hesitation. 

PAWS Chicago Medical Center staff and volunteers have done a tremendous job helping these cats adjust to their new lives, and we’re sure their future fosters, Lincoln Park Adoption Center staff and volunteers, and their future families will do the same. Because no matter what their PAWS experience looks like, there’s one very happily ever after around the corner: adoption.