12 Special Dogs. 1 Night Only. 

Join us for a rare gathering of foster pups. These hidden gems have a harder time finding their people because they're not usually at the shelter. But, boy, are their personalities begging to be seen! Reserve your spot & shake paws with them all. 

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*Please complete your ComPETibility Quiz and Adoption Application prior to your appointment. We encourage you to bring along all family members as well as any resident dogs. 

Note: These pups are happiest in homes without small children and may be selective about other pets. Interested in a specific dog? Click on their name below and consult your ComPETiblity Score to see if you’re a good match.


Meet the Pups!


Hinley is a survivor! When he came to PAWS, he was 30 pounds underweight and suffering from a skin condition that caused most of his fur to fall out. Today, Hinley is like a whole new dog. In addition to being a handsome and healthy 90 pounds, he’s smart and eager to continue his training. And when it’s time to wind down, Hinley can’t wait to rest his heavy head on your knee.

Stan Lee

Do you enjoy hugs and long walks? So does Stan Lee! While Stan is a little older, he’s ready to learn new tricks with you. Stan is happiest with fresh air in his nose and grass between his toes. Whether strolling or hiking, Stan will thoughtfully look back at you to make sure you're keeping up. If you want a friend to walk through life with, Stan’s your man. 


Say hello to 60 pounds of fun and personality! Georgie is a rough-and-tumble terrier mix who will do basically anything for a treat. But this sweet 7-year-old doesn’t mind relaxing either. He’s more than happy to settle down at home for some cuddles and belly rubs. If you’re looking for an affectionate, attentive, and playful pup, then Georgie is the one for you!


This doe-eyed, freckle-faced lovebug sometimes wags his tail so hard he hits himself in the face. Sweet and loyal, Oatmeal is also house-trained, content to be alone, and a great listener. He responds well to direction and communicates his needs right back. Oatmeal will thrive in a calm home where he can build confidence through exercise and training. Your reward? So. Many. Kisses.


Reid’s ideal day is sitting in bed 95% of the time. But during that other 5%, he’s ready to rock and roll. When it’s time for a walk, Reid wags his tail and skips right out the door. He also loves practicing commands and playing games. We can just imagine Reid relaxing in a sunbeam, waiting to greet his new best friend at the door with a smile and a snuggle.


Scooter is a 60-pound puppy looking for a best friend to teach him confidence. While shy of new situations, Scooter is also filled with energy and enthusiasm. His expressive eyebrows and easy smile say it all. If you’re ready for days filled with long walks, fetch, patient training, puzzle feeders, and endless cuddles, just look into Scooter's eyes. He’s the pup for you.


Lyle has absolutely nailed his puppy-dog eyes and perky ears. With patience, routine, and a handful of cheese, Lyle will reward you tenfold with his complete devotion. Ridiculously sweet and playful, Lyle’s favorite activity is fetch—he’ll happily bring the ball back to you over and over again. And after exercise, get ready to snuggle so tight there isn't an inch of space between you!


Dideridoo is a one-of-a-kind dog with a unique name. He’s very friendly and well-liked by everyone he meets. Lounging is integral to Dideridoo’s daily routine and he loves to curl up in a comfy bed or under a blanket. Dideridoo likes learning new tricks and knows many commands, his favorite is “paw”. He’s looking for a loving family that will appreciate his loyal nature and give him a pet-free home where he can flourish.


Butter may just be the biggest lap dog you’ll ever meet! A few of his favorite things include long walks, peanut butter Kongs and squeaky toys. Thankfully, the key to his heart and undivided attention doesn’t cost a thing—your affection. He’s looking for an experienced owner to help him grow in confidence and relax in a quiet, adults-only home environment. 


Stella is a happy, playful, tripod! She’s a big sweetheart and doesn’t let the fact that she’s missing a leg slow her down one bit. This adorable girl loves to play with her toys, humans and other dogs, too! 


Leah is an active girl who likes putting her nose to work and going for long walks. She is highly food motivated and loves learning new tricks for treats, and has already mastered “sit”! Leah is very social and loves getting attention from her people. She is always willing to trade cuddles and tail wags for a chance to nap in a comfy lap. 


Meet Hamilton! You’ll be singing his praises in no time. He has a playful personality and is very intelligent. Hamilton enjoys training and picks up on new tricks quickly. He is loyal and loves sticking by his person's side. He adores walks and would make a great running buddy!