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Foster First Program

Special dogs that need a little extra TLC

Meet the dogs who are available through our Foster First program.

These amazing dogs are nearly ready for adoption, but first need a little extra time and TLC as they recuperate from the Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) before they can be adopted. CIV is a flu, not a life-threatening disease, but dogs who have it are contagious for up to 30 days. During that time, they can easily spread it to any other dog they come in contact with. Learn more about CIV.

Our Foster First program gives you extended time to get to know your new pup and gives your foster dog an opportunity to heal in a loving environment. Once your foster dog is medically cleared, you’ll be able to officially adopt him or her.

Foster First Requirements

To be considered for the Foster First program, you must:

  • Not have any other dogs (including visiting dogs) in the residence during the foster period and until the dog is medically cleared.
  • Live in a single family residence, townhome or other living situation with private entrances and no common areas for dogs. If you live in an apartment, you must be willing to paper train your dog and not bring him outdoors during the foster period and until the dog is medically cleared. 
  • Be willing to protect your dog from interaction with other dogs through fences and on walks, and not visit dog parks, groomers or daycare during the foster period and until the dog is medically cleared.
  • Be available to bring your dog in for routine medical checks at PAWS Chicago’s Medical Center (3516 W. 26th Street, Chicago).

How Do I Meet a Foster First Dog?

You can view the Foster First dogs available for adoption below. If you see someone you’d like to meet, simply contact us at to arrange an introduction at our Medical Center (3516 W. 26th Street, Chicago).

How Do I Adopt the Dog?

Once the foster period is over and your foster dog has been medically cleared, he or she will return to the Medical Center to be spayed/neutered. Then your dog will be transported to our Lincoln Park Adoption Center or Glenn L. Felner North Shore Adoption Center where you will sign adoption paperwork, pay your adoption fee and training deposit, and bring your dog home!

Be a Part of the Solution

Not ready to foster or adopt but know someone who is? Share information about these animals and help save a life today! If you can’t foster a dog with CIV, you can still help. We are also always looking for foster homes for cats and dogs who don’t have CIV. Click here to see all the animals currently available for foster and learn more about fostering dogs with CIV.

Meet Foster First Dog Princess