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Foster First

Make sure you’re a perfect match

Animals that need the most help are often overlooked—we call them Underdogs and Comeback Kitties.  

Each of these pets needs a little extra to truly thrive. Some need help adjusting to a new environment. Some need lots of exercise, a big back yard, or additional training. And some need a quiet, kid-free home. 

Finding the right match for these pets isn’t easy. It needs to be right for them and for you. That’s why we created the Foster First Program. 

Through the Foster First Program, you can take a pet home, get to know them, and make sure you’re a good fit for each other before committing to adoption. 

With any luck, you’ll fall in love and your foster pet will quickly become your forever family.  

Foster First Benefits: 

Access to experienced trainers for behavioral challenges 
Medical care and support from our veterinary team 
Free supplies to help care for your foster—medicines, food, and more 
The everlasting appreciation of a overlooked pet 


How Do I Foster First?  

It’s easy! Animals labeled “Underdog” or “Comeback Kitty” online and at our adoption center are all eligible for the Foster First Program. After completing the ComPETibility Quiz and finding an animal you’re interested in, simply fill out a Foster Application instead of an Adoption Application.  

Meet the Underdogs 

Meet Comeback Kitties