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PAWS Chicago Founder Talks 25 Year Anniversary on Chicago Tonight

Jun 21, 2022

Learn about the tremendous progress made in animal welfare since PAWS Chicago’s founding 25 years ago.

PAWS Chicago Founder, Paula Fasseas, joined Chicago Tonight’s Brandis Friedman for a conversation about PAWS Chicago’s 25 year anniversary.

When Paula Fasseas founded PAWS in 1997, 93% of animals were being euthanized citywide. Now, 90% are being saved! Learn more about the groundbreaking measures taken to help solve Chicago’s mass euthanasia problem at the link below. 

To celebrate PAWS Chicago’s 25th anniversary, on Thursday, June 23, PAWS Chicago is encouraging pet-loving Chicagoans to make a promise to homeless pets and save more lives on PAWS Giving Day

Watch the Chicago Tonight interview here.