Volunteers of the Month single view | PAWS Chicago

Jet McIntire

How long have you been a volunteer? 

I have officially been a volunteer since my Mom brought home our first foster pup in late 2011.  So, I’ve been volunteering for PAWS for around a year or so which is really more like seven in dog years.


Do you have a primary focus when you volunteer?

My main focus as a Dog Town Volunteer is to welcome foster pups and CBS media stars into our pack.  I am very good at dog-to-dog introductions and I enjoy taking walks and showing our guests around the neighborhood.  Sometimes they are shy or nervous and don’t understand the sights and sounds of the big city. Several of our guests came from Oklahoma.  I don’t think they have the CTA in Oklahoma so I try to help these pups feel more secure in their new environment. 


Is there an experience that has stood out during your time as a volunteer at PAWS Chicago?

I got a little nervous when my mom put the “I need a home” bandana on me instead of the cute puppy.  I think PAWS is a wonderful place but I don’t want to live there.  That was our first guest so I’ve learned a lot since then.  My favorite experience was when we finally got a big dog as a guest!  He was a handsome one year old boxer/shepherd named Bronco and he was so fun to play with.  We took long walks together and we were bff’s.  My mom did his adoption after he had his five minutes of fame on CBS and he went to a great home.  I’m happy for him but I might have let him stay for good.


What do you like most about volunteering?

I enjoy meeting new canine and human friends from PAWS Chicago.  I also really like the extra treats I get when we have foster friends over. The liver ones are the best!


Why do you volunteer for PAWS Chicago? 

I volunteer for PAWS Chicago because I believe in their mission to create a No Kill Chicago and agree that no pet should be homeless.  I am a rescue dog too.  I was given up by multiple families because I was a rowdy puppy and I think cats are fun to chase!  Thankfully, a shelter saved me and I found my forever home.  I enjoy knowing that I can help other dogs find homes too so they can celebrate their “gotcha” days for years to come.


How many pets have you helped during your time as a volunteer?

I’m not sure exactly because I lost count (I don’t have any thumbs you know).  I think at least 20 have stayed with us.  I help even more by being such a mature stable dog (some might say coach potato) which gives my mom time to help more dogs at the shelter. She keeps coming home in different aprons and always smells so interesting.


How do you help out your family members when a new foster comes home?

I’m very good at being a foster brother.  I share my water bowl and always give up my bed by the fire for our visitors.  I happily share my toy box (especially if they will play tug toy with me).  I also let the PAWS pups snuggle with my mom on the sofa because I know they will find their own forever home and she will be all mine again.


What value has volunteering at PAWS Chicago brought you? 

Volunteering for PAWS has made me a more patient and grateful dog.  I am proud to be a part of an organization that saves so many furry friends like me.  I am also on a mission to help big black dogs like me find homes. I am an eight-year-old 80 pound Lab Boxer mix but some people say I look intimidating.  When I went home I heard that we are the hardest to adopt out.  I don’t get it?  There are so many advantages to living with a black dog.  We make you look slimmer, we go with everything, we are easy to spot in the snow and we are always dressed and ready in black tie for the Fur Ball!  Black dogs deserve a chance too.  Diamond, Snoopy, Rex, Stan and Shadow…this is for you…get yourself adopted!