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Behn Rudo

What originally drew you to PAWS Chicago?  

I wanted to volunteer at an animal based organization focused on a No Kill mission. I began volunteering in March 2012.

Do you have a primary focus when you volunteer?

My primary focus is in Dog Town as a level 2 volunteer. Typically work the 10:30-2:30 shift (lately I've ended up staying later). One/two times a month I am the evening lead volunteer and typically teach the level 1 Dog Town training class two times a month. 

Is there a favorite experience that has stood out during your time as a volunteer at PAWS Chicago?

I always like to work with and watch the dogs who come from Oklahoma. It's interesting to watch them adapt to being in Chicago, especially the ones who have never seen a set of stairs before.   

How does what do you do for a career apply to what you do as a volunteer?

Presently I am seeking employment and volunteering at PAWS Chicago keeps me active. Past experiences as a Stage Manager and Project Manager have come in handy, especially when working the evening lead shift.

Why do you volunteer for PAWS Chicago?  

Volunteering at PAWS Chicago gives me time to spend time with a lot of dogs. It's also a great way to get some exercise with all of the walks. I really like it when I see people who have gone through the Level 1 training class that I've taught, come in to volunteer.

Do you have any pets at home?

My first dog Sydney passed away in September 2012. It was only a matter of time before I adopted a PAWS animal. In November 2012, I adopted Ka Nui (Paws name: Wilma). Ka Nui gives me the once over after a shift at PAWS.

Have you participated in any PAWS Chicago special events?

I volunteered at the last Fur Ball and on August 31, will be attending Hops for the Homeless with Ka Nui and a human friend.

What value has volunteering at PAWS Chicago brought you? 


I've met some great volunteers who I always look forward to seeing. It's always a good experience watching people/families find the perfect pet to bring into their lives.