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Hello, I'm Vanya

He's a huge cuddler and seems very happy in his new home.

Vanya's Story

Our new buddy is doing great. His new name is Archer, although you wouldn't know it by calling him. He has pretty selective hearing unless treats are involved. Our first weekend together we took him to a lake house and he got to play on the beach and splash in the water. He had a lot of fun! He's a huge cuddler and seems very happy in his new home.

He only had a single accident in the two weeks we've had him, so he was definitely house-trained at some point and is doing great at that. We've decided not to crate him as a result and he does fine hanging at home on his own during the day. We walk him in the morning and evening, and a dog walker coming mid-day to get him some exercise. He does the cutest kidney-bean dance when we come home from work, which you can see in the attached video. He's very well socialized and gets along with adults, children, and other dogs. He has a black lab friend that lives upstairs and has been very well behaved at the dog park. He's a clever boy and knows to stay off furniture unless invited, but then sneaks up when we're not around which we're okay with. He knows "sit", "stay" and "paw", but likes to ignore us unless we have treats. So far he's been a strong puller on walks, but we switched to a front attached harness and have been treat training him to stay at our side on walks which seems to be improving. He gets excitable when new dogs or people are around and has a jumping problem, which we're working on. We're looking to get him into an obedience school as soon as we can.

He got his first vet trip this weekend for boosters and a checkup at VCA Lakeshore Animal Hospital and his microchip information has been updated. We're very happy to have Archer as a part of our family!