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Hello, I'm Shubert

Thanks so much for allowing us to adopt from Paws!

Shubert's Story

Shubert is now Dexter and he is doing wonderful, I think we are mostly house broken and have made it 2 nights in the crate now without barking or crying. He loves the park and is learning to play fetch all while working on come and drop it but he hasn’t mastered those yet but so close. We really have to say he is a smart little guy he has mastered sit, down, and very close to paw and roll over. He is treat motivated and has gotten quite the belly with training. He is partial to me and will occasionally cry when I leave but is doing much better this week than last. I have been able to leave him for about 2 hours and the neighbors claim he isn’t barking (not sure if they are just being nice or if he honestly is over the crying/barking phase) He is more obedient to Jake (my boyfriend) but we are working hard to get him to listen to me. Thanks so much for allowing us to adopt from Paws, Dexter has changed our lives and we are so happy we could give him a home!