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Get to Know Archie


Chihuahua Mix




6 Years




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Archie's Story

Have you ever seen such an adorable little guy?  Archie is as cute as can be!  Archie is a petite Chihuahua mix who has a big personality and even bigger ears!  They are so pointy and tall that they almost touch the sky!  Adorable Archie was adopted from us as a young lad and returned 5 years later when his owners could no longer care for him.  It has taken him a bit of time to adjust to shelter life, but he is beginning to become more and more comfortable and determined more than ever to find the perfect special someone for him!  Archie can be a bit weary of people he does not know and it does take him time to trust those he’s not familiar with.  Once he gets to know you, he turns into a lovable lap dog who wants nothing more than to spend the day curled up in your arms!  He loves his circle of friends fiercely and enjoys their company to the fullest!  Archie is completely content with being as close to his friends as possible and loves cuddling so much!  He also enjoys treats and would love you forever if you gave him a few.

Archie is hoping to find a home with an owner who has experience with Chihuahuas and a family without young children.  Since he is a bit unsure and slow to trust strangers, Archie would do best in a quiet home without too many people coming in and out and with someone who is willing to give him the time he needs to adjust and trust those around him.  Along with Archie’s quirks comes some great qualities that make him a wonderful canine companion!  He is a huge fan of car rides and would love to be the co-pilot on all of your fun road trips!  He also enjoys hunting down the squeaker in any stuffed toy he can get his paws on.  Archie would be thrilled if his new family would buy him a few toys of his very own that he could play with whenever he pleases!  He does get along well with other dogs and would do best with a dog who is very low-key and does not get easily stressed.  All in all, Archie is a delightful little munchkin who just wants somebody to love!  If you think you can be that person for him, then come out and pay him a visit!  He would be forever grateful if you did!

  • Squeak!  Squeak!  I love Squeaky chew toys!
  • Did someone say 'treat'?  I'll take them all.
  • Cuddles!  I love a good lap to curl up on.
  • I'm a great walking partner and can go for miles!
  • Going for a car ride?  Take me along!


  • I would love to find a home with children 15+.
  • I need a little extra time to warm up to people I don't know.




Why Adopt?

Adoption is one of the best ways to save a life. Only a few thousand more adoptions each year in Chicago, a city of millions of people, and we will be a No Kill community! You can make a real difference.

At PAWS Chicago, we keep working to grow our operations to save more homeless pets. It's how we've gone from saving a few dozen to 6,000 pets a year. But it is our adopters who make the real magic happen by bringing these loving pets home. Adopt a pet and spread the word!