Cat Care Information

Adopting your cat is a lifelong commitment which develops into a bond with you and your family.

Read the gathered advice from behavior experts so that you can enjoy a happy healthy pet.

Cat Resource Guide

The PAWS Chicago Cat Resource Guide provides information regarding everything from cat needs/supplies to socialization tips.

Why Young Cats Should Be Adopted In Pairs

Kittens crave stimulation. If they have another kitten to play with, they’re less likely to engage in destructive behavior.

Tips For Having a Purrfect Relationship

Good nutrition is important to ensure that your cat lives a long and healthy life. It is one of the best/easiest things you can do.

Tips For Introducing A New Cat

When you bring your new cat home, have a special place set up for them. A guest room or the bathroom is ideal.

Training Your Cat To Scratch Appropriately

Training a feline to scratch only what belongs to them is simple. You can prevent or eliminate damage with good communication.

Reasons To See Your Vet Regularly

An ounce of prevention is worth everything. Your vet may detect warning signs of illnesses before they take hold and harm.

Misconceptions About Cats

Before deciding to adopt, please be aware of some the common misconceptions about cats and cat care.