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Mumford would love to meet you!

Mumford is part of PAWS Chicago’s Foster First Program and is nearly ready for adoption, but first he needs a little extra time and TLC as he recuperates from exposure to the Canine Influenza Virus (CIV). CIV is a flu, not a life-threatening disease, but dogs who have it are contagious for up to 30 days. 

Because CIV is contagious to other dogs, we do have a set of criteria that are required to participate in the program. To be able to bring Mumford into your home now, we ask that you: 

  • Not have any other dogs (including visiting dogs) in the residence during the foster period and until the dog is medically cleared.
  • Live in a single family residence, town-home or other living situation with private entrances and no common areas for dogs. If you live in an apartment, you must be willing to paper train your dog and not bring her outdoors during the foster period and until the dog is medically cleared.
  • Be willing to protect your dog from interaction with other dogs through fences and on walks, and not visit dog parks, groomers or daycare during the foster period and until the dog is medically cleared.
  • Be available to bring your dog in for routine medical checks at PAWS Chicago’s Medical Center (3516 W. 26th Street, Chicago).

Thank you for considering welcoming one of these wonderful animals into your home! To read more about the Foster First program, please click here.

If you’re interested in fostering Mumford, please contact us at to schedule an appointment at our Medical Center (3516 W. 26th Street)

Why Foster?

There are many animals that need us today. Each foster family allow us to save more homeless pets by opening their home to a pet or litter in need of love and care for a few weeks. When we are able to send a pet or litter to foster, it frees up space in our Medical Center to bring in more pets in need.

Last year, our foster families took in 3,467 pets. Some needed a peaceful place to recover from illness or injury. Puppies and kittens just needed a bit of time in a home environment with good socialization so they could grow big enough to have their spay/neuter surgery before adoption. Other pets needed a calm and relaxing break from the stress of shelter life.

Consider joining them in lifesaving. Sign up to become a foster today.

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