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Hello, I'm Keiko

He is well behaved, has the exact disposition I was looking for, and we connect!

Keiko's Story

Zilong (I named him after a character from Romance of the Three Kingdoms cuz I'm weird like that) is getting along great here. We took to each other immediately, and he was sleeping on my bed by the second night. We are still negotiating who gets to sleep where, though, as he seems to feel that the whole middle of the bed is his. When I go to work or am running errands I can trust him to stay in my bedroom, and I suspect he wouldn't eat my books if I left him run of the whole apartment.

But I'm waiting until after training to test that out. And we're enrolled at the PAWS course that starts next Sunday. It was the first course available that fit our schedule, so I thought I couldn't get the discount (if I can retroactively, let me know how, please). But I wasn't in a rush to enroll. Zilong has been relatively well behaved. No accidents in the house, and he actually likes to drop a deuce by garbage cans so I don't have to carry it far (no joke, it's a thing). With other dogs he is a little bit of a spaz, and I want to get a good beat on how to socialize him. Leash awareness is also something to work on, he does have a habit of wrapping himself around trees and trying to tie me up with the leash.

I want to get him socialized because he has been meeting everyone. Zilong is very happy around people, and he likes to just sit with everyone. He likes sitting on my dad's feet, he nuzzles against my brother, and he is especially fond of a couple of my friends.
But at heart, he's my dog. Zilong always keeps close to me, and follows me all around the apartment. When I work he lays down at my feet or behind my desk chair. When I sit on the sofa he likes to nuzzle next to me, or I will sit on the floor and he will rest his head on mine. Zilong is also a very entertaining dog, he is playful, and when I am occupied cleaning or cooking or working at home he plays catch by himself. He also likes chewing on his rope toy and is slowly eating through it. I'm not worried because it hasn't led to any bowel obstructions (like I said before, he's actually pretty thoughtful about it), but I haven't found any other chew toy that is an adequate replacement (he buried a tendon in the couch, and I'm watching to see if he'll ever get it 'soft' enough to chew on). Any recommendations?

In that sense he takes after me, he's particular on things. (Ask my mom, she'd tell you the same thing, maybe with some more colorful language). He hates milkbones, and generally doesn't like cookies or biscuits. That being said, he does like his kibble. Another way Zilong takes after me is his aversion to photos. He is too adorable not to photograph, but he always stops doing the cutest things when he sees me take my camera. He is well behaved, has the exact disposition I was looking for, and we connect.