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Hello, I'm Billy Jean

 I am a perfect fit!

Billy Jean's Story

Billie and I are doing great! I decided to keep her name, Billy Jean, but have been calling her Billie/Bill. She is adjusting to her new home and is especially happy now that the weather is a bit nicer and we can go on longer walks! She has been having fun exploring every single tree in the neighborhood. Billie met my family last weekend and was a hit with everyone, she's super friendly! My family's cat was pretty petrified of her curiosity so we kept the cat in her carrier for the first meeting. I discovered Billie knows some basic commands like "sit" and "down" so we've been continuing to work on those until we get to a class. There was some nervousness the first few days but I noticed she seems to calm down when I play music. She feels like a perfect fit, we love to cuddle and watch documentaries.