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Domestic Medium Hair




1 Year



Foster Type

Advanced Foster

Foster Kele


Foster Kele

Lincoln Park

Foster Category: Socialization

Type of Foster Home: 
Kele needs an Advanced Foster home. She requires special skills and time commitments from their foster parents. Kele needs structured playtime and lots of environmental enrichment, so a foster family that has dealt with high energy cats is preferred.

Kele is a playful and fun kitten looking for someone who can spend lots of time playing with her and socializing her. She is a bit wobbly and plays hard with a wand toy so you will never be bored around her! She gets along with other cats so a playmate may also help her develop appropriate behaviors since she is still young and may need some help learning her manners. Kele may do well with dogs seeing as she is always seeking out someone to play with!

Kele is looking for a foster home who can help socialize her while also monitoring her incontinence. Kele was born incontinent and needs multiple medications administered throughout the day. 

How to Foster Kele:

New fosters can take the first step by learning about fostering and completing the Foster Care Application. Veteran foster parents can email to schedule a pickup appointment.

Kele is available for foster pick-up through our Adoption Center at 1997 N. Clybourn Ave.

Why Foster?

There are many animals that need us today. Each foster family allow us to save more homeless pets by opening their home to a pet or litter in need of love and care for a few weeks. When we are able to send a pet or litter to foster, it frees up space in our Medical Center to bring in more pets in need.

Last year, our foster families took in 3,467 pets. Some needed a peaceful place to recover from illness or injury. Puppies and kittens just needed a bit of time in a home environment with good socialization so they could grow big enough to have their spay/neuter surgery before adoption. Other pets needed a calm and relaxing break from the stress of shelter life.

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