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Get to Know Heather


Domestic Shorthair




2 Years



Foster Type

Basic Foster

Foster Heather


Foster Heather

Foster Category: Adoption Ready

Type of Foster Home: 
Heather needs a Basic Foster home. No experience necessary. Basic fosters are a great way to get started.

Heather is looking for a foster home for two to four weeks until space becomes available at one of our adoption centers. Heather would do best in an adults-only home as an only cat with an experienced cat foster.

How to Foster Heather:

New fosters can take the first step by learning about fostering and completing the Foster Care Application. Veteran foster parents can email to schedule a pickup appointment.

Heather can be picked up any time at the Medical Center - 3516 W. 26th Street, Chicago (all fosters welcome) or 1968 N. Racine on June 10th (veteran fosters).


Heather's Story

Meet Heather! Heather is an active, playful kitty who can’t wait to find her ‘furever’ home and kiss shelter life goodbye for good! Heather is a young kitty with a lot of energy, and she will need an adults-only home with experienced cat owners who know how to read her signals that she’s getting overstimulated.  Heather recently spent several weeks in a foster home this spring, and her foster parents tell us that once she was able to get situated in a home environment, her energy levels were much more manageable!

You’ve heard the phrase “work hard, play hard”?  Well, Heather’s motto is “play hard, cuddle hard”! Heather loves to watch birds and squirrels outside her windows, and this curious kitty also enjoyed watching the family’s turtle and lizard in their enclosures.  Heather doesn’t like other cats, however, and she will need to be the only cat in her ‘furever’ home. Heather loves to run, and would do well in a ‘purrrmanent’ home where she has plenty of room to stretch her legs!  Can you give Heather the home of her dreams? 

  • I’ll take as much exercise as I can get!
  • Did someone say ‘treat’? I’ll take them all!
  • I’m a people person! 
  • I love chasing toy mice and feather toys
  • I'm an explorer- I love to jump and climb! 
  • I need an experienced adopter.  


  • I prefer to be the only pet in the home
  • Keep me company! I prefer homebodies who are often at home
  • I’d love to find an adults-only home





Why Foster?

There are many animals that need us today. Each foster family allow us to save more homeless pets by opening their home to a pet or litter in need of love and care for a few weeks. When we are able to send a pet or litter to foster, it frees up space in our Medical Center to bring in more pets in need.

Last year, our foster families took in 3,467 pets. Some needed a peaceful place to recover from illness or injury. Puppies and kittens just needed a bit of time in a home environment with good socialization so they could grow big enough to have their spay/neuter surgery before adoption. Other pets needed a calm and relaxing break from the stress of shelter life.

Consider joining them in lifesaving. Sign up to become a foster today.

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